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Sonya Graciela Gómez Márquez

Mexico City 1999


Artist in Residence, 2023

sony 8.jpg

Sonya Graciela Gómez Márquez was born in the metropolis of Mexico City in the year 1999. She pursued her academic studies at ITACA, an institution dedicated to the realms of arts and cultural management. Her predilection leaned towards graphic artistry, drawing, and the intricacies of embroidery. Within a sphere of intellectual inquiry marked by the pursuit of interconnecting trajectories across diverse disciplines, Sonya embarked on a creative odyssey that traversed the domains of writing, diagrams, doodles, spontaneous sketches, and the nuanced complexities of organic geometry. Her fundamental aspiration resides in the articulation of a rhizomatically woven narrative framework, an intricate tapestry characterized by extended roots that offer layers of interpretation and multifaceted engagement.





Counterbalancing this refined aesthetic, which exudes a sense of delicacy and childlike innocence, are thematic explorations rooted in the realm of profound human relationships. Themes such as fear, violence, and existential trepidation find resonance in her creations, culminating in artistic expressions that endure over time and evoke a vibrant equilibrium. This artistic equilibrium bears semblance to the disciplined practice of meditation, guided by the deft touch of the pointed needle of a meticulous weaver, leaving indelible impressions on the canvas of her work.




“The most beautiful gestures occur naturally. It’s as if the elements sought to converge, and when this happens, it’s inevitable that their innate radiance draws us towards their relentless revelation, towards their unquestionable beauty.”

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