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Ana Gaby Echauri

México, 1997.


Artist in Residence 2023.

Ana work 4.jpeg

Ana Gabriela Navarro, (known as Ana Gaby Echauri), was born in Mexico City in 1997. She has a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Cultural Management and is the founder and director of TÁNDEM Galería. Her work is very personal, she addresses mainly social issues, which she has experienced in her own way. She criticizes the social contrasts that surround her, gender inequality and its impact in a country classified as the third most dangerous country to be a woman, and more private matters like mental health battles and her eating disorder.

She has completed certifications in techniques and materials in painting, oil painting, and digital photography, at the school, "La Esmeralda". Course on Gender and feminism at the University of the Cloister of San Juana, a course on the structural nature of discrimination and racism in Mexico, by the museum of Memory and Tolerance, besides other certifications in ceramics, digital art, and digital animation. During her artistic training, she has focused mainly on painting and photography, creating mixed media works, and exploring different mediums and color palettes.
She has participated in many collective exhibitions in places such as the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, the Mexican Institute of Justice, Mártires de la Conquista, Palacio de Minería, La Casa del Escritor, and the National Institute of Cardiology. In 2021 she was invited to Medellín, Colombia to exhibit one of her most recent series “Calladas hasta desaparecer": (Silent until we die) in Fine Arts. In 2022 she was part of the third auction of Arte Chingon in NEUG (No es una galerí).
She has also collaborated with different musicians to illustrate and animate their music on digital platforms, such as Steph Egry's entire album Anxiety, and Gabriel Martell's album Jazz Addiction.

Ana work 9.jpeg

Reinterpreting the landscape and daily life through photography combined with paintings. I play with movement and circles deconstructing the image and integrating it with another.  The way you see the world tells a lot about who you are, I think everyday life must contain a little adventure, movement, beauty, feelings, and passion; lest time pass by in grey monotony.  I try to escape the existing order of reality until I make my own interpretation of it. As my great-grandfather Manuel Echauri said, "The landscaper requires his own language that goes beyond capturing what he sees, the artist has the obligation to delineate strokes and colors that express his vision of the world…”

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