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Anne Callanan

Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, 1970


Artist in Residence 2023.


Anne Callanan was born in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1970. She studied Art History at Trinity College Dublin, Open University and Florence, Italy. It was during this time in Italy that she decided to study classical drawing and painting. History of Art will always be of huge importance practicing art is when she is at one with herself. Drawing and painting are the chosen mediums but the use of photography as an art form for reference contributes greatly to her work. The work can vary from monochromatic to colour, simultaneously on two easels. Historically, the practice has been anatomical study, portrait or landscape, using charcoal or graphite or perhaps paint.

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"My work has been described as “beguiling, eclectic” & “colour, structural and varied”. I love to experiment with medium and subject matter".

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Drawing was a form of escapism for her at a young age during the troubles in Northern Ireland and when formally trained it was safer to choose the academic route as opposed to art college purely from a financial point. Art was a gift at a time when death was commonplace, and hardship was never
far away. The main source of inspiration is nature and people, in particular a face that is lived in with some peculiarities or a teenager with an aloof gaze.


"Asian art has strongly informed the development of my work in recent times. My love of line, simplicity, and gold leaf have always been of great interest".

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