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Daniél De Polignac

México, 1987. 


Artist in Residence 2023

Daniel 2.jpeg

Daniél de Polignac is an emerging artist who started painting two years ago. As an artist in the early stages of his career, he is constantly exploring different techniques and materials in search of his own unique style. His work is heavily influenced by the practice of art improvisation, which allows him to let go of preconceived ideas and follow his instincts in the creative process. He also draws inspiration from the movements of cubism and expressionism, which have shaped his understanding of the relationship between form and emotion. Through his art, he aims to capture the complexities of the human experience and convey emotions that words cannot express. He uses bold colors, shapes, and textures to create dynamic compositions that evoke different moods and reactions in the viewer. His ultimate goal is to create work that is both visually and emotionally resonant, and that inspires others to see the world in new and unexpected ways.

Daniel 9.jpeg

During my stay at Arthouse Holland, I embarked on an incredible artistic journey to discover my own style and voice. My paintings are a reflection of this transformative experience, blending vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and a unique fusion of figurative and surreal elements. Each art piece captures the depths of my emotions and thoughts, allowing viewers to delve into a world of imagination and introspection. With every stroke, I sought to express my innermost self, unveiling a distinctive artistic language that is uniquely mine.

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