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aan de Zijldijk

Een plek voor kunst en cultuur in de rust en ruimte van de boterhuispolder.


"Onze droom; Boerderij blijft in de famillie,van kaasboerderij naar
werkplekken voor creatievelingen." 

Arthouse Holland is een kunstenaarsresidentie in Leiderdorp, in een prachtige landelijke omgeving. De komende periode willen wij onze scope verbreden door naast de residenties ook ruimte te gaan bieden aan lokale en regionale creatievelingen en initiatieven. Wij willen we meer vaste werkruimtes creëren voor lokale kunstenaars en enkele multifunctionele ruimtes die gebruikt kunnen worden voor een workshop of een project van een korte periode. Ons terrein biedt daarvoor diverse mogelijkheden.

Wij hebben onze ideeën voorgelegd aan de gemeente Leiderdorp. Deze reageert tot nu toe positief dus wij gaan verder met het uitwerken van onze plannen. Wij zijn erg benieuwd naar hoe het culturele veld in Leiderdorp de locatie zou willen gebruiken maar ook naar feedback en input van de omgeving. Wij hopen een plek te bieden voor onze eigen projecten en ideeën, maar hopen ook zeker dat dit een plek kan worden waar lokale creatieven gebruik van kunnen maken en van kunnen genieten, met ruimte voor het organiseren van een expositie, een workshop of een gezellig cultureel samenkomen.

Wij – Manon van der Geest en Santiago Pani – nemen u graag mee naar boerderij Biesoord, aan de Zijldijk 36, in Leiderdorp. Wij wonen hier sinds 2017 en in de afgelopen periode hebben we hard gewerkt aan de start van ons project: Arthouse Holland. Sinds 2017 is de belangrijkste pijler van Arthouse in Leiderdorp de residentie functie. Dit houdt in dat kunstenaars bij ons komen wonen en werken. In de afgelopen jaren hebben we in totaal meer dan 80 kunstenaars uit meer dan 20 landen mogen verwelkomen. Daarnaast bieden we nu aan enkele lokale kunstenaars een vaste werkplek. Wat spreekt de kunstenaars aan? Belangrijk zijn de werkfaciliteiten, de rust, de ruimte, het prachtige decor van de Boterhuispolder, en de mogelijkheid elkaar te inspireren en van elkaar te leren. In toenemende mate komen daar contacten met lokale en regionale kunstenaars bij, tijdens bijvoorbeeld exposities of door samenwerkingen.


Kunstenaars die in de afgelopen jaren bij ons verbleven hebben:


Pilar Sáenz / Jaime Shelley / Ana Meneses / Sara Torre / Valentina Taom / Victoria Adame / Carmen Casas / Lucía Ferreira / Anna Galushchak / Carmen la Griega / Debbie Reda / Pierre Fudarylí / Gabriel Durando / Harmke Datema Chang / Mario Gildardo / Héctor Aristo / Andrea Peña / Isabel Álvarez / Leonardo Díaz / Alico Roviralta / Marcela Herbert / Enrique Veganzones / Gloria Barbachano / Camila Parra / Sebastian Urbina / Michael Rudloff / Jorge Durón / Victoria Cuevas / Rilke Roca / Yvette Malo / Javier Capetillo / Dennis Miranda / Ulises Durán / Beatriz Dubois / Marco Prieto / Jerry van der Bol / Tejedor / Peter Kromhout / Erin Gatz / Patricia Ruvalcaba / Barry Wolfryd / Irene García / Heylenne / Mario Schuster / Vanessa Velib / Tamara Karzberg / Diana Trujillo / Ricardo Santos / Fernanda Olivares / Karla Solano / Andrew Salgado / Valter Adam Casotto / Alpay Effe / John Wentz / Laurine Wagner / Jaime Gonzalez / NVISIBLE.STUDIO / Rik / Annegret Bleisteiner / Santiago Martínez Peral / Raquel Mora / James Lloyd / Sarah Francis / Johanna Pinto / Roos Tulen / Carlos Miguel Roos / Maya Hendricks / Irina Patkanian



"My experience at Arthouse Holland was quite gratifying. I really enjoyed being in contact with nature and the landscapes surrounding the residence. The plants, the birds, the flowers, the canal, the bike rides, among others, ... finally now that I am in another place, I can remember everything as: a magical experience. At the same time sharing my stay and forming new friendships created an environment that inspired my project in many ways and are now part of my story. The shape that the selection of ideas and colors took, new projects that were born there and are now beginning in another time and space. Now, I am more convinced that: sharing experiences has to be part of our history to grow as people, that this helps us to develop better in our field of work. Without any hesitation, I would return to "Arthouse Holland" to continue exchanging ideas, learning about new áreas and enjoying art, the company and nature."


Valentina Taom, Tequisquapan, México.


"ArtHouseHolland is a space less than a 10 minute bike ride away from the city of Leiden, I had the opportunity to stay in the residence where Manon and Santi have an excellent workshop where artistic projects get developed and in which I have been able to share long hours of work together with other fellow artists. From the first day, the hosts made me feel like I was in my own home and have done everything possible so each and everyone else that was there felt the same. The room I had assigned was spacious and very comfortable, as well as all the common areas and the workshop, the latter with everything you need to work and with Santi at all times ready to help you in whatever you need. As I said in the beginning, from the first day the stay is and they make it so you feel very pleasant and they even organise a small tour of Leiden, where they explain where you can find materials for your work, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding trains, schedules and journeys to other towns and

cities in the Netherlands. The residence is located in a beautiful natural space from which you can travel by bike not only to Leiden, but also to all the surrounding villages to make small excursions and to know a little more about its culture, its customs, ..., and even to the beach if you feel like doing a little longer tour (which is worth it) and take a swim or just watch the scenery. Sincerely, for me it has been a very positive experience that I hope to repeat again and that I advise all those who want to live something similar, both for the result of the project, for the place and of course for the hosts that I take as friends, to whom I send a hug from here."


Pilar Saenz Sevilla, Spain.



"I almost have no words to express my gratitude in every way to Art House Holland. Undoubtedly it has been a unique experience, gratifying and very productive since during my stay new projects were born there with which I am very motivated. Since I got off the plane until the end of my stay everything has been a sum of enriching experiences both artistic and personal since I took away great friends (Manon, Santi, Sari and Jaime). They have been the perfect ingredient to make this period even better than expected. I take from each a lot of learning. About Manon and Santiago, the managers of this precious project, I can only say nice things. They have made me feel at home since they were always waiting for us to be comfortable and gave us many facilities to advance our artistic projects. In addition I have to emphasise that thanks to them we have known Holland as authentic Dutch since they took us to typical places that they knew well. The spacious, bright and carefully decorated residence is situated in a bucolic enclave, surrounded by authentic peace and nature that inspires the inspiration and the desire to create. The house is very well connected to the centre of Leiden (a beautiful city full of canals and harmony), which I practically visited daily to advance my project. It is also close to the train station which connects with major cities such as: The Hague, Amsterdam and Antwerp among others. Art House Holland is a highly recommended experience from which I have had the great luck of being a part of. In my memory it lies and I will miss many good times that I have spent there. Victoria Adame Córdoba, Spain My stay at Art House Holland exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere in which I lived was warm. Manon and Santiago are wonderful hosts. They have opened the door of their home for us to live with them. You live in a very clean and cosy space. It is hard to be lonely in the house, there is always someone. But if you like privacy and silence, like me, then there is your private room, the studio or the multiple spaces that Leiden has to offer. If you love the kitchen, like me, you can enjoy the culinary talents of Santiago. He is an artist! The workspace is huge. I was happy because I like working with large formats, and in the workshop I

could use the generous space that enabled me to make a big piece, the biggest one I've made so far. In fact, I am very interested in coming back and making a new work ... huge! If you like rugged spaces, Leiden has a lot to offer. If you like sports, be prepared, because just outside "the farm" there is a lot of street to run or cycle, there is also a gym nearby. Manon and Santiago are wonderful hosts and are always willing to help you with anything you need. Leiden, and the space that Art House Holland offers, are ideal for manifesting 'aesthetic experiences'. The peace and quiet that is being lived demands and motivates the introspection and contact "with oneself" which, in my opinion, is necessary for the development of each artist. On the other hand Santiago is, besides a great host, a great artist, a master in engraving, silkscreening and carpentry, in addition to many other skills. He was always willing to teach us what it took a whole career to learn himself, something that is not common, between artists. Always willing to share everything that has led him to enjoy the prestige and recognition he has. In addition to everything he has built throughout his career, this Project Art House Holland is, in my opinion, a masterpiece. Art House Holland, is forever a point in my personal and professional development. Where I could develop myself as a dedicated artist. Although my period of stay was short, friendships and bonds were formed, and I am sure they are lifelong links. Again, thanks Manon! Thanks Santiago! Neon Caron Mexico city, Mexico In the summer of 2017 I spent a month working at Art House Holland. The silence, the nature and the studies, besides the assistance of Manon and Santiago, created the ideal conditions to be able to work at ease and in a fluid way. To all this add the company of other artists and organised activities, such as visits to museums and towns of the Netherlands. It is an enriching experience, which I totally recommend."


Ana Meneses Madrid, Spain.






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