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Gabriel Durando. 

La Carlota, Argentina. 1970. 

Instagram @gdurando

Artist in Residence 2018.

En su obra, el blanco y negro predomina sobre el color, aunque no descarta este último. Para él la vida es blanco y negro como expresión de la desesperanza. Igualmente, la ciudad, el campo, en blanco y negro, son continuas alusiones al mundo del cine con el que tiene una especial vinculación. 

A descendant of European immigrants patrilineal Italian and Spanish with a French gene from his mother, Gabriel Durando the youngest of three brothers, was born in La Carlota in a small, dusty, picturesque town southeast of Cordoba, on a hot March afternoon 1970. He was born in the heart of the "pampa gringa" which weaves together the rural and urban.


When he was still very young, his family moved to Venado Tuerto, a town south of Santa Fe. His childhood was like that of his siblings from school, the square and the streets of the neighborhood, with scraped knees and perforated pockets on ripped pants while climbing trees, with hands full of figurines and faces of football players and racers floating through his imaginations. His head covered with curls and rebellious little gregarious temperament was expected to challenge near future meant everything established rule or mandate.


Very early on, Gabriel expressed interest in the image and technology, replacing the game for work, and entering the world of television where he has won multiple awards: Martin Fierro best program of General Interest Stories Land Flat  Channel 12 Venado Tuerto (1998). Nominated for Martin Fierro child in the category "A World of Love" Channel 4 Venado Tuerto. Martin Fierro seven nominations and two statuettes won by better agricultural program "Tranquera Abierta" Venado Tuerto. Channel 12. Award program FundTV to issues of everyday life "Magazine Urbano" (2006) Award for best agricultural program ATVC issued during 2002-2009. Gaviota de Oro, Mar del Plata (2002).


Self-taught as an art worker avid reader, his hunger for the arts was as a hound that delves into the everyday things, savoring its essence. In his insatiable search, he found images to be a new meaning, which increases their particular way of looking at everyday life and activities. His work  to recreate landscapes intimately linked to his childhood reflects the spirit and culture of a people, from the peasant who enters their hands on the ground to draw off, to the urban man in the midst of the cosmopolitan fight trying to maintain their identity.


Some of Gabriel's hits includes "Pictures of the world" Biblioteca Alberdi, Venado Tuerto Santa Fe (2008), Farmer's Day. Federación Agraria Argentina. Elortondo. Santa Fe (2008),"No Limits" Centro Cultural Alberdi Theatre. Venado Tuerto Santa Fe (February 2009) and Alto Rosario Shoping, Rosario Santa Fe (August 2009) AgroActiva 2010. Government of the Province of Santa Fe Santa Fe Casilda (June 2010).



Watching his work helps us to unravel the fabric of human relationships symbolic images that subtly take us to the essence of life.

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