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Harmke Datema-Chang. 

Deventer, Netherlands. 1980.

Artist in Residence 2018.

Bachelor HKU illustration design, 2006 and AHK Master of Arts in art education, 2018.


Harmke is an artist specialized in designing large-scaled sculptures. Building the construction she uses the material of steel for bending the organic shapes of the works. This summer she is staying in the residence of Art House Holland for exploring the micro-world of seeds and plants in the surrounding of Lisse. She uses the outcomes of this research for experimenting with epoxy and other material. The artistic results will be the start-point of the realization of an 8 meter high sculpture in Lisse a village near Leiden. The concept for the sculpture is to combine the macro organism of the tree world with the micro world of plants.

The project also involves an interdisciplinary art-project for students of the Fioretti College in Lisse.

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