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Irene Pérez

Santander, 1996


Artist in Residence 2023


Irene Pérez (Santander, 1996) is a young plastic artist who graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Basque Country UPV/EHU (2018). 

Her works show a psychological portrait of society. Through figurative and abstract styles, she represents the hidden reality that remains in each of us and we are not able to externalize. Depression, anxiety or frustration are some of the psychological states that the artist reflects through textures, accompanied by a realistic figure that functions as a portrait of the viewer. It is a way of making visible what is imperceptible before our eyes, all those unfavorable emotions or situations that are really necessary and are part of a process of evolution and learning. 


"We need to fall to gain momentum upwards, why would we hide something so extraordinarily catastrophic?"

Irene Pérez's work is characterized by very marked and highly expressive brushstrokes. She defines her portraits as psychological works, which go beyond a physical appearance; she makes visible the constant pressure of an uneasy conscience, making changes to anatomy and altering reality to draw attention to the viewer's inner world. Her most recent series focuses on the man in a suit as a symbol of success. 

"We see something out of our reach and we think that if we were in another situation we would be better than now, but we cannot think that by reaching another place we are going to get rid of all the negative emotions or feelings that only make us more human; successful men, powerful, influential, feel the same even in their most triumphant state." 

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