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Isabel Flores.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España. 

Artist in Residence 2021.

In the work of Isabel Flores, creation is focused on the iconography of landscape. New ways of expressing the interactions between internal and external spaces through the act of vision are explored on it. Her most recent images are grouped into families whose taxonomy and series are reminiscent of those that can be seen in the cabinets and drawers of the Natural History Museum. Their aim is to create an active dialogue as a bridge between nature and culture, establishing metaphors, oppositions and affinities between the different codes of vision that come into play. The formal aspects of the works are frequently connected to the flora and fauna of the place where they are made, and the techniques and media used usually refer to the local plastic tradition, linked to a specific territory and its cultural history.

At ArthHouse Holland, Isabel produced a series of engravings centered on the internal perception of the landscape. In this case, a group of prints linked to the Dutch territory, its culture and its pictorial and graphic tradition. Living immersed in a dazzling rural environment with the permanent presence of water, she also enjoyed the interesting exchange of information carried out with the resident artists there, and the resulting works offer a good example.

Isabel Flores completed a doctoral thesis entitled The Imaginary of Landscape, in which she proposes alternatives of representation in landscape photography combining the internal and external aspects of the vision. In her interdisciplinary artistic creation, we can find series such as Viaje a las Islas Raras (1995), Aventuras de Arthur-Pierre Ledru (2000), Las Cartas Atlánticas (2001), Paisajes del Aire (2008), Lo Suave (2015), between others.


The artist has received various scholarships and awards for photography, painting and engraving activities, among which the 2001 Generaciones 2001 photography award from Cajamadrid or the Photoespaña 00 Revelation Photographer Award stand out. Her work is part of public and private collections, and has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums, nationally and internationally. Currently she combines artistic activity with teaching and graphic creation.

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