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Jaime Gonzalez Palencia. 

Mllorca, Spain. 


Artist in Residence 2020.


Born in Mallorca in 1997, he began to be interested in the art world from an early age. At the age of fifteen he began his artistic studies at the workshop of the Catalan painter Pep Suari. At seventeen he was awarded in the 6th call of DKV Fresh Art. In 2015 he participated in the exhibition of young artists of the Dinamo group in the Krekovic museum. That same year he finished the artistic baccalaureate at the IES Llompart Institute and began his degree in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His activity is remarkable during his last year in college (2018-2019) when he participated in several exhibition projects. He received an Erasmus scholarship to study in Venice, where he developed various pictorial, audiovisual and other various projects close to the world of performance.


In the last few years, I have built up a body of work that seeks diagnosing how the evolution of new technologies has brought changes in many fronts: the hierarchy of images, the development of artistic practices, the figure of the artist, the exercise of appropriation, the role of institutions and the banalization of world conflicts through the saturation of informative content, etc.

To support these ideas I focused on the work of different authors like Fontcuberta, Hito Steyerl or Juan Martin Prada. They talk about the changes in the way we perceive reality, brought upon by our interaction with this technology. I try to draw a proposal that shows the pathological consequences of producing a pictorial work, while always keeping in mind web archiving and image consumption through electronic devices.

What is sought in my art is the construction of a work methodology, just as Tuymans and Sasnal did before the post-photographic era. In their case, they developed a sensitivity that had to do with their interaction with photography. In my case, I am trying to find a way to achieve autonomy in front of the image, through an understanding of the interface that allows us to access that web file, in a world of screens and data that overlap each other. Ideas such as the electronic device as a window are thus established in the work, connecting this with the traditional use of the painting within the painting as a narrative instrument. Or other concepts, like the arbitrariness in the search of images, a description of the web system. The project is enriched through the construction of an imaginary of this era of the electronic device.


Art Holland House

During my stay at the residence I am trying to focus on working at the studio, producing paintings at a good working space. I am working in small formats, with fewer photographic references and with a more childish style of drawing. Lately I like to create compositions on my canvases with electronic devices where there is some ambiguity between what is on a screen and what is not. At the same time I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting any museum or gallery in Leiden and in other cities in the Netherlands.


. 2012-2015 Painting student in the workshop of the painter Pep Suari.

. 2013-2015 Baccalaureate of art (Instituto IES Llompart).

. 2015-2019 Degree in Fine Arts in the faculty of San Carlos of Valencia.


Collective actions

. 2014 Exhibition of the DINAMO group, “Young artists” in the Krekovic museum.

· 2017 Exhibited at the Fusion Art store in the Benimaclet neighborhood in Valencia.

· 2019 Performance with Alberto Garuti’s IUAV students at Palazzo Grassi,Venice.



. 2014 Individual exhibition at the Cumlaude restaurant, C / Jesús nº2, Palma.

· 2015 Individual exhibition at the Casal de Cultura de Bunyola, Mallorca.

· Selected from the 6th call of “DKV Fresh Art” in 2014. 2014.

· Erasmus scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year at the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia”, Italy.

. Selected for the Art Holland House for the year 2020.

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