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Jerry Michael van der Bol. 

Netherlands 1978 . 


Artist in Residence 2019.


Jerry used to be working in a figurative character based style , for a period of time he was very much inspired by the COBRA movement and painted in the same fluid and intuitive way like painters as Appel and Corneille. After moving to another studio Jerry’s work started to contain more graphical influences and he shifted more and more towards Typography instead of fine arts. Another change of studio brought some change , missing a great space to do his work, made him realize how much he missed painting. 


Arthouse inspired Jerry to start painting again, after two weeks of painting he realized figurative painting is not satisfying anymore, since his motive for his residency was to let go, now he is slowly moving to a more abstract style. Currently he is working on a serie of drawings and paintings, with the working title; “my future home”. Instead of looking behind and draw inspiration from the past, the working title allows to think of the future and fantasise of where the artist could be in the near or maybe not so near future.  What does he see when he closes his eyes and thinks of where he wants to be. 

How does his mood of the day influence his future dreams.


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