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Laurine Wagner. 

Strasbourg & Paris, France. 


Artist in Residence 2020.

Laurine WAGNER, Fugitive World Project, 2020 (photography, Katwijk aan Zee, THE NETHERLANDS, 06.02.2020

Born in 1997, Laurine WAGNER is a french contemporary artist who lives and works between Paris and Strasbourg. Whether it is video, photography, sound, installation, performance or writing and poetry, her art allows her to question the world in which we live :

"My art practice is centered on the relationship between arts, sciences and society. Through immersive videography, sound installations and photography, the experience is at the center of my thinking by examining "in-between" states (transitional situations, borderlines). These decisive moments of passage are suspended, thus revealing to our consciousness the memory traces of a process of transformation and mutation which raise environmental, social and mental issues.

My artistic approach seeks to observe, to instantly capture physical and sensitive phenomena to reveal them under a new point of view : I bring together the differences. The origin, the beginning, between sacred and truth, is what science tends to explain and what art engages to glimpse, beyond the tangible world and appearance, it is the elaboration of a state of sublimation in which the ordinary dissolves itself as an unsuspected world.

I depend on processes, chance, the unforeseen and coincidence to reveal a certain permeability of the worlds between visible and invisible.

I mix different spaces, staged and temporal, between consciousness and unconsciousness, to question the beliefs, feelings and experiences of each person." - Laurine WAGNER

Laurine WAGNER, Climatological Meditations, 2019 (screenshot HD videos)


Laurine WAGNER thinks that art can change the world : living an experience makes it possible to question, evolve and raise our consciousnesses to take action. From individual and collective memory, traumas or accidents need to be listened, expressed, cared for to transform oneself and transform the world in which we live : a process of observation, understanding and healing to reveal echoes and positive changes.




Sea levels are rising, migration will continue to intensify, a part of our world will maybe disappear.

During the Art House Holland residency, Laurine WAGNER has the opportunity to start her Fugitive World project in Leiderdorp because the Netherlands is a favorable place which is threatened by rising sea levels with a quarter of their territory below sea level. Innovation has always been at the heart of this country, first by building coastal structures to fight against rising waters. The help given to other nations, also victims of floods or natural disasters, seems essential as well as a reflexion to save humanity.

Fugitive World is a research and creation project merging art and science, having the purpose in a few years, to develop a memorial restoring of anticipated memories. It’s about the people interviewed and the recording of places that are and will be brought to disappear due to the rising waters.

So this project will allow me to travel all around the world, establish collaborations and develop my artistic work. Art is a mean of combining science and sensitivity towards innovation, transmission of knowledge and multidisciplinary sharing.

Fugitive World allows to probe consciousness and therefore make as many people as possible aware of the urgency of acting both, individually and collectively.

Laurine WAGNER, Fugitive World Project, 2020 (screenshot HD video interview of Derek COLEMAN, Katwijk aan Zee, THE NETHERLANDS, 06.02.2020)




2018 – 2020

Master Degree "Arts & Vision"

Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, FRANCE



2015 - 2018

B.A in Fine Arts

Strasbourg University, FRANCE







« (In)errance », Interuniversity library of the Sorbonne (BIS), PARIS

As part of the Year of Libraries and BIS_2020, 250th anniversary of BIS

Curator : M. Yann TOMA




« Dur-abilité ? », Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation, CIUP, PARIS

University of Peace 2019, edition "Facing the climate emergency : act quickly''




« L’art à l’état sismique », Palais Universitaire, STRASBOURG

Workshop led by the Faculty of Arts and the School and Observatory of Earth Sciences of STRASBOURG







Organizer-artist of a doctoral seminar "Climate Change, from Perception to Action" - La Cité du Développement Durable, NOGENT-SUR-MARNE

Preparation of the doctoral seminar which took place from December 18 to 20. 2019 in PARIS with the University Alliance Europe (UNA Europa) and in collaboration with students of the Master DDMEG (Sustainable Development, Environmental and Geomatic Management)

Creation of the Act on the perception Climate Change project comprising three collective works produced with the artists Alexia ANTUOFERMO and Wenli LI including a performance organised as part of UNA Europa and the exhibition « (In)errance » at the Interuniversity Library of the Sorbonne on December 5.

2019 to March 5. 2020 with the participation of Sija CHEN, dancer.




Freelance photographer of weddings – STRASBOURG, PARIS




Intermedias Performance Festival INACT - Laiterie STRASBOURG

Realization of a performance in response to a workshop with the artist Daniel DJAMO




Workshop with the artist Daniel DJAMO, residency "Hyperfaces : interfaces versus ruptures", Shadok STRASBOURG

Writing a sci-fi narrative for his work "16 sounds of paper" (workshop-performance, participatory art)








Artist assistant to Olga KISSELEVA, part-time

Research assistance and follow-up the projects related to the environment and networks

Create works in collaboration (conception of videos for an exhibition : Olga KISSELEVA, « Memory Garden », 06.02.2020-20.03.2020, IZONE Kiev, UKRAINE)

Writing documents (calls for projects, requests for financing, public orders) for international exhibition committee (curators)






01.02 – 29.02.2020

« Art House Holland by PAC », Leiderdorp, THE NETHERLANDS



06.04 – 04.05.2020

Atelier « Simeon ten Holt », Bergen, THE NETHERLANDS

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