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Lucy Li.

San Diego, California.

Artist in Residence 2021.

Lucy Li is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in southern California. Through her practice she explores a visual philosophical realm to feel the world into understanding, forming new languages to tell stories of interconnectedness.

"One of the first paintings I remember making as a child was a copy of Georgia O’Keefe’s Two Calla Lillies on Pink. She taught me how to see the world from the child’s gaze: leaning in too close and lingering when others have already looked away.

When I was little, the adults taught me that there was no such thing as perfect. I think they thought that idea was a consolation, a relief if we were ever to try for perfection and fail. I found it confusing, and I spent many moments quietly wondering why we would come up with a word for something if it couldn’t possibly exist.

I learned a new truth through my work: that perfection exists effortlessly in the child’s gaze, wandering and wondering, eyes glued with equal fascination to a rock at her feet as to what lies beyond the ocean’s horizon. In my work, I bring what I see in this lens to light, generating languages that bind the singular to the infinite, drawing connections between the tide’s eternal movement, the opening of a flower, and the landscape of the human body.

I create interactions between shapes to represent the various entities in our world and allow their own momentum to guide the composition toward balance. My work aspires to illuminate the innate perfection and harmony of being, of an attainable peace, and of the web that binds us all. By showing us new ways of seeing, it is my hope that my work may teach us new ways of being."


She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dartmouth College in 2019. She will be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art in Los Angeles, California in September 2021.

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