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Marcel Timothy Kalma

1963, Hamilton New Zealand


Artist in Residence 2023

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Born and resident in New Zealand, Marcel is of Dutch Ancestry.

"To come and paint at Arthouse Holland has been a great experience. Not only from meeting other artists but to be able to paint in the country of my family history".

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Using both found materials and the surface of the canvas, Marcel uses shapes and space to create his pictorial images. This collision of forms,textures and colors creates balance and tension. Working in an intuitive manner, he often begins with mark-making in ink or graphite. These marks may get completely lost in the layering process or may "show through" to give just a hint of their presence. The actual process of applying paint and "playing" with the work is what is important. Architecture, nature, textures. Almost anything can be a source of inspiration in creating abstract shapes and rearranging them to relate.

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