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Nienke van der Burg

1999, Netherlands


Artist in Residence 2023

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Nienke van der Burg (1999) is a painter based in Utrecht, Netherlands. She focuses on the exploration of memories and tries to re-experience them through painting. "In my paintings, I process events, thoughts, and dreams in my everyday life. When painting, I search for that specific experience and re-experience it, making for a constant change of events and emotions."

As the image appears and disappears within the painting, it causes them to be on the edge of disintegrating. Just like memories, certain details of the image are clear and other details evolve into the background and remain obscure.
Reflecting creates opportunities for re-experiencing and re-discovering certain events and turning this into something significant, of value. Disappearance, reappearance, aware and not aware, conscious and unconscious. These opposites make for a wish or longing to hold on to something that keeps slipping away. In this way, the painting is unraveling what it is that Nienke wants to hold on to.

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2017-2021 BA Fine Art at AKI/ArtEz, Enschede, Netherlands
2020 BA Exchange Fine Art at KiT Trondheim Acamy of Fine Art, Tronheim, Norway




01/03/'21 - 31/03/'21
Passing by, Outdoor exhibition,
Enschede, Netherlands,

22/01/'22 - 27/03/'22
Place to be, Galerie Pouloeuff,
Naarden, Netherlands

07/05/'22 - 29/05/'22
Nieuwe liefde, Kunstliefde,
Utrecht, Netherlands

19/11/'22 - 23/12/'22
Present!, Kunstliefde,
Utrecht, Netherlands


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