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Artist in Residence 2020.

Still from ZHŌUWÉI.NETWORK (2019-2021)

NVISIBLE.STUDIO is the independent research practice of Finnish artist-filmmaker Emilia Tapprest (b. 1992). Coming from the background of interactive prototyping and new media at Aalto University in Helsinki, she completed her second master in film at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2019. With an early interest in ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence as objects of design, her focus has shifted to investigate implications of emerging technologies and alternative power arrangements in society at large. During her residency at the Art House Holland, she works on the second development phase of her research project ZHŌUWÉI.NETWORK together with historian of science and technology Victor Evink. It consists of the imaginative development of three alternative near-future worlds steered by different ideological paradigms, forming the foundation for the production of a 35-minute fiction film during 2020-2021. 

Screening of ZHŌUWÉI.NETWORK (proof-of-concept) at MACA, Amsterdam in June 2019

Previous work

Sonzai Zone (2019) is a speculative fiction film on intimacy and loneliness after the normalization of ambient communication media. An unlikely encounter between Yún and Souvd takes place in a near-future where social interactions are largely based on the mediation of human presence, known as ‘Sonzai-kan’. Shifting between XR games, Immersion Arcades and spatial home displays, their insidiously orchestrated relationship escalates into extreme idealization. Meanwhile, Souvd’s ex-girlfriend Ntzumi launches into undercover investigation.

Still from Sonzai Zone (2019)
Stills from Sonzai Zone (2019)
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