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About Arthouse Pani

Arthouse Pani is a "Self Directed" residency, where artists and creatives can come for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three.

Residents have a private room with a private bathroom and working space at the multiple studios.

We want every artist to focus mainly on their creative process, so the main daily distractions will try to be covered:

Breakfast from Monday to Friday is provided.

The cleaning of the rooms and common areas is included as well.  

Join us

Location: Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, México

Room: Private + Private Bathroom


Price per month:                   €850

Price per companion:           €450

Breakfast, included from Monday to Friday. 

Tequisquiapan is considered a Magic Town, perfect to create, quiet and cozy but still very well connected to big cities and beautiful surroundings. 

There are plenty of ways to arrive to Tequisquiapan: From the Airport in Mexico City you can get a direct bus.

We can pick you up at the airport in Querétaro. 

Hope you enjoy this project as much as we do and let us know when you would like to become part of the family.


Each application will go through a selection procedure and will be reviewed by a jury. For this we need a short cv, some picture of previous work and a short explanation of the project you want to realize during your stay. If you want to accelarate your application process, send all the relevant information and documentations to and make sure you specify if you are applying for the Arthouse Pani or Arthouse Holland location.

¡Gracias! Mensaje enviado.


Tequisquiapan is a town in central Mexico. It’s known for its mineral spas and the well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings lining its cobbled streets.

Elevation: 1,880 m

Area: 343.6 km²

Founded: 1551


Tequisquiapan is a quiet Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) of perfectly traced cobbled streets, majestic civil buildings and Viceregal churches adorned with multicolored flowers growing at the regionally famous gardens.


  • Peña de Bernal (35km) is a 433 m tall monolith, one of the tallest in the world.

  • Santiago de Querétaro (62km) is a city in central Mexico. It’s known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture such as a striking pink stone aqueduct.

  • San Miguel de Allende (122km) is known for its baroque Spanish architecture, thriving arts scene and cultural festivals.

  • Guanajuato (240km) It's known for its silver mining history and colonial architecture.

  • México City (187km) is the densely populated, high-altitude capital of Mexico. It is one of the most important cultural and financial centres in the world.

A bit more

Mexican cuisine is renown throught the world.  Tequila and mezcal also claim quite a bit of the spotlight–and for good reason!

Recently Cheese and Wine are becoming the main characters of a new culinary story.


With Mexico’s climate being ideal for wine regions, vineyards are popping up all over the country–many producing excellent wines. The area between Querétaro and San Miguel has over 50 vineries.

Enjoy a wonderful day as you travel along the cheese and wine route in the state of Queretaro and sample delicious cheeses and wines. You will learn about the processes to make these products and get an inside tour of a winery.

Places to visit:

  • Finca Sala Vive by Freixenet Mexico 

  • Viñedos La Redonda

  • De Cote Casa Vinicola

  • San Juanito

  • Viñedos Azteca

  • Viñedos Puerta del Lobo

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