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Peter Kromhout. 



Artist in Residence 2019.


I am an artist who tries to create space and time to work on art next to two small kids and a job.

Already from a young age I was drawing and could spend hours doing so. There is a strong urge in me to create tangible things. During my student life I lost my passion for drawing a bit and spend a bit of time on creating some furniture. It was only 5 years ago that I started painting on canvas and with acryllic paints. 


Sources of inspiration are broad for me, but as you can see also in my own style I like figurative work with a touch of pop-art and comic-art. When I am travelling and visiting other countries and cities I try to find local art that inspires me to create my own. My work is made of memories from youth of travels made, and always has a bit of hidden message inside. A period of free time and a break from my regular work lies ahead of me. In this period I'm planning on painting a lot, further discovering my style and learning a lot. 

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