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Sarah Francis.

Lebanon, Beirut, 1983

Artist in Residence 2020.

Paintings compWatercolor on cardboard 3.

Sarah Francis is a filmmaker and visual artist. She grew up and studied in Beirut.

Her first feature film (Essay/documentary) Birds of September (2013) premiered in the CPH:DOX main competition then screened in various international festivals and museums (Art of the real - Lincoln Center (NYC), Stedelijk Museum (NL), DOXA (ca.), DMZ docs South Korea, etc... ) and received several awards in France, South Korea, Ireland, Morocco... Her work also includes short films such as Nawal’s Rituals produced by Ashkal alwan videoworks 2014. In 2020, her second feature film ‘As Above so below’ premiered at the Berlin International film festival  and is now being shown internationally.

In 2020, she reconnected with painting, a practice she had been exploring sporadically and privately over the years.

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