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Tamy Kogan



Artist in Residence 2023

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Tamy, a transdisciplinary artist, dissident psychologist, writer, and artivist hailing from Argentina, embarked on a nomadic journey in March '22. Since then, their life has been a captivating blend of creative identity exploration, both individual and collective. By living this journey where the process is considered as a piece of art, Tamy is currently working on their project “Earthquake to myself/ves”: a transdisciplinary experience composed by the interaction of poems, performance, audiovisual content, and a 10-meter painting unfurling through the strokes of their travels and dreams

After deciding to constantly change their surroundings in a deep exploration of what remains in their identity, Tamy started painting this oniric-digestive mixed-media wandering paper scroll. It is in continuous fluctuation and transformation, mirroring their journey and identity in transit. Aiming to transcend the notion of an artistic object as a mere product, Tamy considers that their artwork is their relationship with it and the way they mutually compose each other in this creative process, where the boundaries between life, performance, art, and travel blur.

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