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Valter Adam Casotto. 

Padua, Italy, 1980. 


Artist in Residence 2019.

Invited by The Plant and PaintGuide for the Project1606 residency . 


Valter currently lives and works in London. He has worked on numerous TV productions as a camera operator and TV format creator. He has worked as senior prosthetic makeup artist in the film industry, on films such as Harry Potter (D. Yates), X-Men: First Class (M. Vaughn), Prometheus (R. Scott) and The Hobbit

(P. Jackson). Running parallel to his work in the film industry, he has continued to work on his own personal projects, including design work, painting, video projects and sculptures. Visually inspired and influenced by a combination of William Turner's pictorial art, H.R Giger's visionary surrealist work and

Bernini's Baroque sculptural art, his preferred techniques are those of video and sculpture which he recently brought together in his project

‘We Will Never Meet at that Age’. He created a self-portrait of his own ageing physiognomy and had it applied to himself, documenting his parents’

reaction to seeing their son at an age they will never meet in real life with a moving image piece, thus creating an impossible time breach in the fabric of his parents’ existence.

“My work mostly deals with the conceptual exploration of the facets and transformations of both human and individual identity in time. This has become a recurring theme in my work. By means of hyper-realistic and abstract work. I openly invite viewers to consider and reflect upon the importance of their own identity in time, also in regards to memory and the possibility of surpassing the boundaries conventionally bestowed on it.”


(V)alter-ego , Solo show 2017  Andrea Tardini Gallery Venice  Italy  5th April - 20th June 

Timelessness , Solo show 2018 Andrea Tardini Gallery Venice Italy  1st May - 15th June

Temporal Identity , Solo show 2018 Terrazza mare di Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) Italy  4th Agoust - 2nd September 

It is as if , collettive show  2018 Susans Castle Majano (UD) Italy  16th - 25th November

Beyond Reality , collective show 2018 Opera Gallery London United Kingdom 14th - 28th December 


Valter is a David di Donatello prize for prosthetic makeup on Tales of Tales by Matteo Garrone and worked on many international movie productions such as:

Bohemian Rhapsody

Game of Thrones

Mandela: Long way to freedom

The Hobbit

Claud Atlas


X-Men first class

Harry Potter and the deadly hollows 

Clash of the titans (2010)

Carnival Row tv series

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