Application for the International Art Residency ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC

On the search to support investigators, creators and the artistic production. ART HOUSE HOLLAND´s artistic residency programme is born with an experience that links artists and investigators from different origins and creates a trans-disciplinary, collaborative and dynamic working space, where any kind of artistic and cultural initiative has a home.


The ART HOUSE HOLLAND residency by PAC offers artists and culture professionals a quiet and peaceful place in the middle of nature, perfect for focussing in their creative process or artistic investigation. Enabling a nurturing experience exchange through interaction.





Application Bases


1. Objective


PAC (Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo) announces the selection process for the residency ART HOUSE HOLLAND period 2020 for creation and artistic investigation in Leiderdorp (Holland).

ART HOUSE HOLLAND´s residency offers support and encourages artists with creation, investigation and the promotion of contemporary artists and cultural agents.




Every residency at ART HOUSE HOLLAND can last a minimum of one month and up until a maximum of three months, during the period between February 1st and November 31st 2021.   


3. Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the artistic residency can belong to any discipline and nationality. Directed to culture professionals (commissaries, curator, artists, etc) with no age limit, which want to develop a creative or investigation project at ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC.


*The applicants must have a previous artistic background or qualifications which certifies them in the art or cultural field. 


4. Application

The applications can be submitted until at least one month before your preferred period of residency.

The selected applicants will be noticed by e-mail. Afterwards, we will open a space in where pictures about their process will be published.


5. Documentation.

Every applicant must send a portfolio which includes a small biography and curriculum vitae, images of their latest work, a brief motivation letter and the contact information, pointing the residency period of interest.

Please send the documentation to including the title ART HOUSE HOLLAND RESIDENCY

(important: all the documentation has to be on pdf. and we won´t accept documents bigger than 10MB attached to the e-mail)


6. Selection process and grading criteria

The successful applicants to reside in ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC will be selected by a jury composed by Santiago Pani, artist and director of ART HOUSE HOLLAND; Óscar García García, director of PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo; Sara Torres Sifón, commissary and editor at PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporaneo; Manon van Der Geest, Manager of ART HOUSE HOLLAND.

The beneficiaries will be selected by the next criteria: 60% Originality and innovation in their artistic or investigation work. 30% Curriculum and trajectory and 10% Motivation letter.


7. Lodging 

ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC residency is located in a typical old cheese dutch farm. The farm is divided in three main spaces: The living area (a two story house with more then 200 square meters), the gallery (80 square meters old barn) and the workshop area (160 square meters). The house has private rooms for five artists, two bathrooms, a restroom, fully equipped kitchen and living room. Central heating and wifi also available.


The farm is located 3 kilometers away from Leiden city center which is one of the main cities of Holland, with a great offer of art galleries, art supply shops and museums; for example Museum Lakenhal, Molenmuseum de Valk, Museum Volkenkude, Naturalis, Hortus Botanicus, Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden, Corpus) 

24 KM from THE HAGUE (45 minutes away by public transport)

27 KM from DELFT (50 minutes away by public transport)

37 KM from ROTTERDAM (60 minutes away by public transport)

41 KM from AMSTERDAM (60 minutes away by public transport)

140 KM from ANTWERP (2 hours away by public transport)

185 KM from BRUSSELS (3 hours away by public transport)

The residency includes a private bedroom with continental breakfast  (from Monday to Friday), space in the workshop with access to numerous amount of tools, including carpentry tools to make frames, stretchers, wood carving; drawing area, printing press of 50x100 cm; etc.)


Optional services:

Pick up at Leiden Central (free)

Pick up at Amsterdam "Schiphol" airport (15€)

Bicycle rental (15€ a week + 100€ deposit)

Private room cleaning service (15€) offered every 15 days.


8. Cost 

The Residency ART HOUSE HOLLAND by PAC costs €680 per month.

This price also includes the use of a number of basic household items such as: cleaning supplies, toilet paper and use of the washing machine (detergent and softener).


9. Sponsorship

Artists can not apply for this reward; PAC selects an artist according to their achievements during their residency. 

PAC (Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo) delivers a sponsorship to one of the artists in each edition.

After the artists had been selected for the residency period 2021 the jury will select the artist which will receive the sponsorship, refunding the full amount payed for the residency (680€).

The criteria for the selection of the sponsored artist will be based on the artistic quality, the production during the residency and curriculum vitae.



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